creative inspiration podcast: FREEDOM!



So the world’s becoming respectful of our individual privacy – BIG new European laws about how we’re allowed to communicate with our audience are coming into play, May 25th.

This will mean more SPACE – uninterrupted natural peace and alignment – us going about our lives without ping-ping-ping-ping – marketing tugging our collective consciousness away from what it’s really meant to be doing.

What if it even heralds the tide-going-out on consumerism? It’s a step towards being less in bondage to buying, that is for sure, and it means that we’ll have much more control than before over our personal data, and how these are used for target marketing.

As an artist, it makes me happy, that we’ll be less inundated with BUY-BUY-BUY – that we’ll have more freedom to stand back and feel our way into what we actually want in our lives: what’s…

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